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Is your program part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program,
led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)?


With the Wellocity Telehealth Platform to Offer Online and Distance Learning Delivery Modalities


Take your Diabetes Prevention Program Online with Telehealth

Improve Access and Facilitate Better Outcomes

The demand for online and distance learning delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) is rapidly increasing in popularity in large part due to consumers' access to numerous health apps and their daily use of messaging and facetime with friends and family. Consumers have come to expect flexibility to schedule classes, attend classes from the comfort of their home via secure video, easy access to the coach via secure messaging, engage with the group for support and the ability to track their health with apps and share data with the coach.

Wellocity Health offers a HIPAA compliant technology platform for CDC recognized organizations offering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and improves access and outcomes. Any organization currently delivering an NDPP in-person can join the Wellocity Health platform to offer NDPP in online and distance learning modalities in English and Spanish.

We provide an affordable and comprehensive solution to NDPP organizations and guide NDPP providers at each step from providing the technology platform and training to representing them on calls with the CDC as their platform partner and listing an online program on the CDC registry.

Are you’re missing any delivery modalities? 
You could be losing out on the opportunity to increase your participant base and to grow your business in the highly competitive NDPP landscape.

How it Works

The key driver for adding telehealth to a DPP program is to increase access, enable participants to connect from their own homes and make the best use of a limited supply of lifestyle coaches.

Wellocity Platform for DPP

Is your organization recognized by the CDC to offer a DPP program? Join the Wellocity telehealth platform to add online and distance learning delivery modalities.

Online Delivery

We offer free HIPAA Compliant digital health apps for your participants to track weight, activity, and nutrition. Our apps allow participants to share their health data with the coach in real-time including weight, activity and food journals.

Telehealth Group Classes

Our apps include HIPAA compliant telehealth which is used to deliver group classes. The app allows participants to support each other using community and to privately message the coach.

Data-driven programs

We deliver the participant data in real-time to your coach and program coordinator in the coach portal including health tracking data and food journals. The coach dashboard enables you to launch group classes using telehealth.

Content and Engagement

For convenient on the go access to content, our apps offer the complete set of handouts for the PreventT2 curriculum.  We understand the value of engagement in a DPP program and use several features such as messaging with the coach, in-app motivational messages, and a community for support.

mHealth Devices

Participants gather and share data from mHealth devices like smart weight scales, smartwatches and fitness bands – and enable educators to personalize health and fitness goals.

Online Scheduling

We schedule all your discovery and group classes and handle all the communication and reminders with email and SMS. We provide you with a HIPAA compliant calendar to track all participant's appointments.

Online Intake Forms

Participants can complete intake forms online from their computer or mobile phone. The submitted forms are delivered to the coach in their appointment calendar for review.

HIPAA Compliant

Wellocity Health offers apps, portals, messaging, telehealth, scheduling, and calendar sync that are all HIPAA compliant. We have executed HIPAA BAAs with all our partners and require all our coaches to sign a BAA.

Designed for Engagement

We designed our platform to help you make the best use of your lifecoaches and provide participants more opportunities to access your program. Telehealth group classes and monthly follow-up sessions enable participant and lifecoach to meet online and when it’s most convenient for both, on a mobile device using our free app. Our platform goes beyond just telehealth and includes features that improve patient engagement and compliance and lower participant dropout rates.

Simple and Intuitive User Experience

We have designed our scheduling and telehealth capabilities for group classes provide a simple and intuitive user experience for the participants. We recognize the importance of training for your coaches and coordinators to handle telehealth and group classes and offer online training and a dry run for each program.

Share Content and Collect mHealth Data

Our platform allows lifecoaches to share online resources and our apps include all PreventT2 participant handouts for convenient access on their mobile devices. Our apps enable participants to easily gather and share data from mHealth devices like smart weight scales, smartwatches and fitness bands – and enable educators to personalize health and fitness goals. We provide private messaging and a community for support and in-app messaging to help in the coach’s efforts in reinforcing habits.


Can I use the Wellocity platfrom to offer a DPP program?

Yes, our platform can be used by any organization recognized by the CDC to offer a DPP program.

How does your telehealth work?

Wellocity is a Zoom technology partner, our apps and coach portals have Zoom video conferencing technology built-in allowing us to offer HIPAA compliant telehealth. The coach can launch video classes including group classes from the Wellocity coach portal and the participants join from their Wellocity apps.  We don't require any additional apps or software to be downloaded and integrate all the classes with our appointment calendars and reminders.

Do you offer iOS and Android apps?

Yes, we have free apps for participants to download in both the iOS app store and Google Play

Can a lifestyle coach use messaging?

Yes, a lifestyle coach can use HIPAA compliant messaging to exchange text and images with participants using the Wellocity app.

Can I offer group classes?

Yes, you can offer group classes using video and we will handle the coordination, scheduling and both email and SMS reminders for participants.

Can I offer readiness assessments?

Yes, you can create an appointment type that includes a HIPAA compliant assessment, completed assessments are accessible in the coach portal.

Can I offer in-person sessions?

Yes, but only if you also offer online sessions on our platform. You will need separate appointment types for in-person sessions.

Can I add Intake Forms?

Yes,  you can add intake forms that can be filled by participants on any device. All our forms are HIPAA compliant and the submitted forms are accessible in the coach portal.

Can I add terms and conditions?

Yes,  you can add a clickable link in your intake forms to your online terms and privacy policy.

Do the forms allow electronic signatures?

Yes,  our forms allow HIPAA compliant electronic signatures and do NOT require a DocuSign or similar account.

What is an appointment calendar?

Your appointment calendar holds the hours of availability, as well as other limits and restrictions that allow (or block) certain appointment types to be scheduled on them. The calendar will also show the appointments scheduled, rescheduled or canceled by participants.

Here are a few things you can do with your calendar:

  • Block time
  • Regular weekly hours
  • Availability for specific days
  • Availability for specific hours & start times
  • Availability by appointment type
  • Blocking off time for holiday/vacation hours
  • Limit the number of appointments per day, per week & double booking
  • Set limits for specific appointment types
  • Limit how far in advance appointments can be scheduled