With our live video coaching, your employees can now choose an approved coach and get started using our app


of employers offer health and lifestyle coaching for employees*


of employers offer health programs for chronic conditions*


Wellocity Health Coaching Marketplace for Employers

Wellocity Health offers employers an innovative health and wellness platform that delivers highly engaging coaching. some of the benefits include:

  • Improved access to coaching with telehealth
  • A growing selection of coaches for prevention and management of chronic conditions
  • Curate the marketplace so employees choose from the companies approved coaches
  • Our health app provides your employees telehealth, messaging, group classes and flexible scheduling, 360° coverage for tracking exercise, nutrition, vitals, medications, and a peer community

Contact us to offer coaching to your employees and lower your healthcare costs

Contact us to learn more about how we can bring coaching to your employees and improve engagement and utilization to lower your healthcare costs. Our coaching marketplace features coaches specialized in both disease prevention and management. You can curate a set of coaches or onboard your own to meet your requirements for quality and cost.  Our telehealth platform improves access, productivity and the health for your employees overall.