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Getting Started

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Payments and Fees

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Getting Started

It's easy, simply enter your email and Sign-up on our website. Once you verify your email, you will receive an email with login credentials for your coach portal where you will create a profile and start onboarding.

Yes, joining the platform is free. You will be able to create a profile and immediately launch your services to attract clients.

No,  we don't need your credit card. We only accept credit cards from your clients when they schedule appointments

You just need 4 things:  Coaching credentials, Liability insurance,  a Computer, and a Smartphone

Yes, your clients can download our free app from the app store or Google play and there is no fee to join Wellocity Health.

No, There is no need for the client to download any additional apps. The free Wellocity app for clients:

  • Provides telehealth, messaging, health tracking and food tracking with the largest verified nutritional database
  • Allows a coach to create custom content and a private community for clients
  • Enables data-driven sessions by delivering all data to the coach in real-time

 Yes, our platform is HIPAA compliant including Telehealth, Messaging, and Apps. We sign a BAA with coaches and secure your coach portal with 2-factor authentication and store all your information on our encrypted servers inside encrypted databases.

Yes, during onboarding all coaches are offered 1:1 training sessions with a member of our team. Training includes an overview of the Wellocity Health coaching platform, managing your appointment calendar, telehealth training, and best practices. We also provide comprehensive support within the coach portal with a knowledge base of videos, articles, and FAQs.

You can email, or call our toll free number 888-6604371 Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm PST.  Also, our support portal provides a help center where you can search for frequently asked questions and submit a ticket.

Yes, we provide a community within the coach portal where you can, introduce yourself, get to know our moderators, or join discussions around best practices and interesting ways to use Wellocity.

Payments and Fees

No, Independent coaches can create a private practice on Wellocity for free.

The Wellocity Marketplace is powered by Chase Integrated Payments. Using Chase we charge clients on behalf of coaches and onboard coaches so they can start receiving payments.

As an independent coach in private practice on Wellocity, you set your own price per session based on your specialty and the duration of the session.

Once you create a merchant account with Chase Integrated Payments you can start receiving payments for successful appointments via ACH deposit to your specified bank account, net of our platform fees, on a weekly basis.

You will be charged a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for each appointment or purchase.

Yes, our platform fees vary. Please contact our sales team for pricing. The transaction fee is not included in the platform fee.

The platform fee includes all the services that allow you to focus on your clients while we handle the technical and administrative tasks. As a coach on Wellocity, you will enjoy all the benefits of a digital health platform not available to coaches in private practice. Here are some of the benefits:  
  • HIPAA compliant
    • Data-driven Telehealth
    • Unlimited 24/7 messaging
    • Appointment calendar
    • Free health app for clients with telehealth, messaging, health tracking and the largest verified nutrition database
    • Intake forms and session notes
  • Group classes with video
  • A single online scheduling page for all your appointments and packages
  • Concierge service for creating appointment types, packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions
  • Extensive image library for creating packages and appointment types
  • Publish custom content, curriculum in our app and create a private community for your clients

No, we don't charge a platform fee for a free 1:1 consultation.

The Wellocity Marketplace is powered by Chase Integrated Payments. Using Chase we charge clients on behalf of coaches by accepting credit cards from clients when they schedule an appointment. The client experience for scheduling and payment remains the same regardless of where the appointment is booked including the Wellocity app, your website, related websites and your social media pages.

No, you can use messaging 24/7 for free with the free Wellocity app.

No,  while scheduling free consultations clients will not be asked for any payment or a credit card.

To learn more contact us at


Yes, you can engage clients with telehealth, virtual visits or video chat from the coach portal and with clients using the Wellocity app.

Yes, you can use HIPAA compliant messaging 24/7 to exchange text and images with clients using the Wellocity app.

Yes, you can offer 1:1 HIPAA compliant telehealth sessions using the coach portal and with your client using our free app.

Yes, you can offer group classes using video and we will handle the coordination, reminders, scheduling, and payments

Yes, you can offer free consultations but they should be distinct appointment types so we don't ask your client for payment.

Yes, as long as you also offer telehealth sessions as well. You will need distinct appoint types for in-person sessions.

Yes,  you can add intake forms per appointment type and also add a clickable link to an intake form using a URL. 

Your appointment calendar holds the hours of availability, as well as other limits and restrictions that allow (or block) certain appointment types to be scheduled on them. The calendar will also show the appointments scheduled, rescheduled or canceled by clients. 

Here are a few things you can do with your calendar:

  • Block time
  • Regular weekly hours
  • Availability for specific days
  • Availability for specific hours & start times
  • Availability by appointment type
  • Blocking off time for holiday/vacation hours
  • Limit the number of appointments per day, per week & double booking
  • Set limits for specific appointment types
  • Limit how far in advance appointments can be scheduled