National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Delivery Modalities

Offered By 1,564 CDC Recognized Organizations


National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP)

Delivery Modalities Offered By 1,564 CDC Recognized Organizations


What is the National Diabetes Prevention Program?

The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP or NDPP) is an initiative to provide evidence-based, cost-effective interventions in communities to prevent type 2 diabetes. This public-private partnership brings together community-based organizations, health insurers, employers, healthcare systems, academia, and government agencies. A key part of the National DPP is a lifestyle change program based on the results of a large research study called the Diabetes Prevention Program (see DPP below), that includes a trained lifestyle coach, a CDC-approved curriculum, and group support over the course of a year. The National DPP puts in place all the elements needed for large-scale implementation of this effective lifestyle intervention across the nation to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

What Methods can an Organization use to Deliver NDPP?

CDC-recognized organizations may offer NDPP through any or all of the following delivery modes. Each mode requires the organization to submit a separate application for each delivery mode being used. You can also find an FAQ on all NDPP delivery modes on the web-based National DPP Customer Service Center.



Yearlong lifestyle change program delivered 100% in person for all participants by trained Lifestyle Coaches; meaning, participants are physically present in a classroom or classroom-like setting. Lifestyle Coaches may supplement in-person sessions with handouts, emails, or reminder texts, although none of these may be the sole method of participant communication. Make-up sessions for in-person programs can be conducted in person, online, via some other virtual modality, or over the phone.



Yearlong lifestyle change program delivered 100% online for all participants; meaning, participants log into course sessions via a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Participants must interact with Lifestyle Coaches at various times; various communication methods can be used, including online classes, emails, phone calls, or texts.


Distance Learning

Yearlong lifestyle change program delivered 100% by trained Lifestyle Coaches via remote classroom or telehealth (i.e., conference call or Skype), where the Lifestyle Coach is present in one location and participants are calling in or video-conferencing from another location.



Yearlong lifestyle change program delivered as a combination of any of the delivery modes (in-person, online, and distance learning) for all participants by trained Lifestyle Coaches.

Why Do Most Organizations Deliver NDPP Only In-person?

Many CDC-recognized NDPP organizations are Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that include a range of organizations (e.g., FQHCs, tribes, local health departments, small social service agencies, faith-based organizations, etc.). YMCA was the first community-based organization to offer the National DPP and is the largest in-person provider of the program and delivers DPP in 42 states.

While the demand for online and distance learning delivery of NDPP has increased rapidly an overwhelming 90% of the 1,564 CDC-recognized organizations currently just offer in-person programs. While reasons for this discrepancy in the demand and supply of online and distance learning programs are varied it's important as a first step to summarize the challenges posed and the opportunities unlocked by these new delivery modes.

Key Challenges for Delivering NDPP

The following are the key challenges that an NDPP organization faces regardless of the delivery mode used:

  • Capacity, the staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver a year-long lifestyle change program. This is particularly challenging for community-based organizations and non-profit organizations that rely on volunteer lifestyle coaches and staff.
  • Tools needed to collect, enter and submit the required evaluation data to the CDC DPRP every six months.
  • Referral Sources
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Payer Contracting Services
  • Billing and Claims
  • Achieving and maintaining CDC recognition sums up all of the above challenges which have resulted in most of the in-person organizations in the DPRP Registry serving less than 30 participants per year.

There is good news on the horizon

A recent review funded by CDC documented a need for specific types of services to help communities based organizations (CBOs) and has led to an Umbrella Arrangements for CDC-Recognized Organizations where an organization with full or preliminary CDC recognition agrees to serve as the sponsoring hub for a group of organizations (subsidiaries) that have CDC pending, preliminary, or full recognition.

DPRP recognition for the hub and for the subsidiaries will be based on a single evaluation of aggregated participant data. The umbrella arrangement should make it possible for additional organizations to achieve sustainable delivery of the National DPP lifestyle change program by facilitating the sharing of infrastructure costs and by leveraging best practices. Potential hubs that meet the CDC eligibility criteria can complete and submit the Umbrella Application to

Challenges for NDPP Online and Distance Learning Delivery

The following are additional challenges NDPP organization face for Online and Distance Learning delivery:

  • Technology

    Identifying a technology platform that meets all the requirements for NDPP delivery in Online and Distance Learning modes.

  • Training

    Training for program staff on the specific technology platform to be used to deliver the online and distance learning lifestyle change program.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) webinar for Successfully Delivering an Online Program is the best resource that covers capacity, technology, and training requirements for online delivery of the Lifestyle Change Program.

    While the CDC webinar provides on the requirements for organizations have the ability to obtain weights via digital technology such as Bluetooth-enabled scales and for recording the physical activity minutes these are core requirements that NDPP organizations should look for in a technology platform.

  • DPRP Application for new delivery modes

    The Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) requires an organization to submit a separate application for each delivery mode. While most organizations have experience with the DPRP application for in-person delivery they will need the help of their technology partner to accurately describe the platform and answer specific questions including those on collecting weight and physical activity minutes but also how the DPRP duration and intensity requirements are met while delivering the program in Online, Distance Learning, and Combination modes. The technology partner may also be needed to help clarify any questions from the CDC in an email or on a conference call.

    Contact us for help on your DPRP application for new modalities.

  • Regulatory and Compliance

    The DPRP standards require each NDPP organization to be responsible to comply with any federal, state, and/or local laws governing individual-level identifiable data, including those laws related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), data collection, data storage, data use, and disclosure.  While this requirement applies to all delivery modes the Online and Distance Learning modes pose unique challenges.

    The technology platform used for Online and Distance Learning delivery should be HIPAA compliant and the platform vendor should sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the NDPP organization. If the BAA doesn't offer or cover all elements used in the delivery modes the NDPP organization is left to pursue alternatives to fill these gaps and this often involves resorting to popular consumer apps that do not offer a BAA and jeopardize the compliance of the overall platform program.

    The key to regulatory compliance for an NDPP organization is to find a technology partner that offers a comprehensive platform and BAA but equally important is developing and enforcing its own policies and procedures and conducting effective employee and management training.

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  • High Data Volume and Reporting Complexities

    Online and Distance Learning modes create more data from attendance, recording weights and physical activity minutes and also more complexities around when and which data to report to the DPRP while routinely collecting weight and physical activity data from participants' apps and devices.

  • Billing and Claims

    Leverage the technology platform used for Online and Distance Learning delivery to identify program milestones attached to specific pay-for-performance reimbursement metrics and trigger claims.

    Contact us to learn more about how Wellocity can help with your NDPP billing and claims

Unlocking Opportunities with Telehealth Delivery of NDPP

Online and distance learning modes, also known as telehealth offer highly effective tools and innovative ways to improve Recruitment, Enrollment, and Retention for NDPP.

  • Increase Reach and Flexibility

    Offering classes through telehealth can increase access to the program to not just rural locations but also to individuals where work schedules, limited transportation, or limited childcare are barriers to participation. This is also true for lifestyle coaches who don't have to drive long distances in both rural areas and rush hour traffic in cities.

    Contact us to learn more about how NDPP organizations are using Wellocity to increase and flexibility for both lifestyle coaches and participants.

  • Improve Retention

    While addressing barriers to participation such as providing free or reduced-price helps improve retention key in any delivery mode much like offering transportation for in-person programs. Telehealth delivery offers some highly effective tools and innovative ways to keep participants engaged between classes and prompt action by lifestyle coaches to engage participants when they may be losing motivation:

    Messaging: the most widely used tool is messaging which allows a secure 1:1 on-demand conversation between the coach and a participant and can use photos and links to further improve engagement.

    Community: the importance of a peer-to-peer support component in any delivery mode is proven and well by NDPP organizations and in fact, many in-person programs offer a private Facebook group with the lifestyle coaches leading conversations and encouraging interaction. Telehealth delivery brings peer support right into the participant's app and improves engagement.

    Activity challenges: Telehealth delivery also enables activity challenges to keep participants engaged in friendly competition ad stay motivated.

    Behavior change goals: while the CDC curriculum has many proven suggestions in staying active and eating healthy, Telehealth modes provide the ability to set a goal with check-ins provide both a structure and accountability, and the option to gamify with points for good behavior.

    Request a Demo to learn more about how Wellocity can improve retention.

  • Make the best use of a limited supply of lifestyle coaches

    While the NDPP can be delivered by a variety of licensed professionals and non-licensed providers like Community health workers (CHWs) the fact remains that there aren't enough lifestyle coaches and is more so when you add location, language, and cultural considerations. Telehealth delivery improves the efficiency of lifestyle coaches and allows them to scale and reach remote participants improving the use of a limited supply of lifestyle coaches.

  • Increasing access to public and private payers and employers

    By working with an online technology partner NDPP organizations can offer HIPPA compliant programs using Telehealth and establish billing, claims and credentialing to increase access to public and private payers and engage employers to Include NDPP as a covered health benefit for their employees to reduce health care costs.

    Contact us to learn more about how Wellocity can help Increase your access to public and private payers and employers.

  • Increase Referral Sources

    Many small CDC-recognized organizations have trouble either meeting the minimum participant numbers or recruiting enough participants to offer at least one cohort a year. While It's clear that providers are a key source of referrals for NDPP and that individuals are more likely to enroll in the program when referred by their health care provider. The NDPP organization can leverage the Telehealth delivery platform to increase awareness, engagement, and education on the National DPP lifestyle change program, as well as presenting providers business to offer the National DPP lifestyle change program to patients. A technology partner used for Telehealth delivery can create a co-branded signup page and program and a streamlined process to create and transmit the referral, point of care or care management processes to identify patients who are eligible for the program, and a process to share information with the provider on the status of the referrals.

    Contact us to learn more about how Wellocity can help Increase your provider referrals.

Your Platform For Success in Telehealth of Delivery

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Wellocity Health powers NDPP for CDC-recognized Organizations.
We don't employ lifestyle coaches or offer NDDP

Simple and Intuitive for Participants and Lifestyle Coaches

The Wellocity NDPP platform was built to enhance and scale the success of in-person delivery programs offered by experienced lifestyle coaches and draws from their best practices. We designed our telehealth platform to provide a simple and intuitive experience for the participants and lifestyle coaches to easily adapt to telehealth delivery for NDPP with online and distance learning modes using group video classes while still following their proven playbook for in-person delivery.

Wellocity recognizes the importance of training for NDPP lifestyle coaches and program coordinators to deliver NDPP using apps and telehealth and making a successful transition to group video classes. Wellocity tailors the participant journey, software, content, and schedule by working with the NDPP organization and delivers training to the lifestyle coaches and program staff with a branded ready to launch cohort.

The Wellocity lifestyle coach portal and the participant app offer an integrated helpdesk with FAQs, knowledge base, videos, and ticketing to provide the lifestyle coaches and participants the support they need for continued success with Online and Distance Learning delivery modes.

HIPAA Compliant

Wellocity Health offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliant platform and a BAA that covers mHealth apps, coach portals, messaging, telehealth and intake forms. NDPP participants don't have to download any additional apps.

Online Delivery

We offer free HIPAA Compliant digital health apps for your participants to track weight, activity, and nutrition. Participants use the app to share their health data with the coach in real-time including weight, activity and food journals.

Telehealth Group Classes

Our apps support HIPAA compliant group video classes. Zoom video conferencing technology is embedded in both the lifestyle portal and the apps hence there are no additional apps to be downloaded to join the class.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging in the  Wellocity Health App offers unlimited messaging and is available 24/7 to both coaches and clients to connect and exchange text and photos using their phone's camera and photo library. 

Peer Community for Support

The Wellocity app offers an anonymous in-app private community (Facebook like and with photos) for each cohort and its lifestyle coaches. Participants can create posts and comment on posts to interact with their peers and support each other.

Available in English and Spanish

Our apps offer convenient on the go access to the PreventT2 curriculum in English and Spanish and to sustain engagement in the program we offer features including messaging with the coach, a community for support and motivational messages.

mHealth Devices

Participants track and share data from mHealth devices like smart weight scales, smartwatches, and fitness bands – including Fitibit and Withings devices as well as all devices supported by Apple Health and Google Fit.

Data-driven programs

We deliver participant data in real-time to your lifestyle coach in the coach portal providing access to weight, activity minutes and food journals. Data-driven coaching enables the lifestyle coach to personalize the health targets for participants.

Online Forms and Assessments

Participants can complete a pre-diabetes quiz, readiness assessments and intake forms online from their computer or mobile phone. The responses to these documents are securely delivered to the lifestyle coach in the coach portal.


Yes, the Wellocity Health platform can be used by any organization recognized by the CDC to deliver an NDPP cohort in English or Spanish using the Online and Distance learning delivery modalities.

Yes, Wellocity Health NDPP customers can read, agree to, sign, and sign Wellocity's HIPAA Business Associate Agreement from the profile page on their Wellocity program portal.

As required by HIPAA, Wellocity has explicit Business Associate Agreements in place with all its vendors that could come into contact with your ePHI and the Wellocity BAA required elements of the NDPP program including:

  • Participant Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Lifestyle Coach Portals
  • Pre-diabetes quiz, readiness assessments and intake forms
  • Telehealth (used for the distance learning modality)

To ensure HIPAA compliance, only an officer of the NDPP organization with legal right to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement should sign the BAA.

Yes, once the BAA is executed, the NDPP organization can use the program portal to invite all it's lifestyle coaches and program administration staff that are covered by the BAA to join the Wellocity platform. 

Please check our Help Center for NDPP to find out how Wellocity can help you transition from in-person to online delivery.

Yes, we have free apps for participants to download in both the iOS app store and Google Play

Wellocity Health as your DPP technology platform partner can't directly help you with the application process. However, as you pursue a DPRP application for online delivery modality, we will help you answer the platform-specific questions on the application. For more details visit our Help Center for NDPP.

Yes, participants can complete a HIPAA compliant pre-diabetes quiz or readiness assessment online, responses from participants are accessible in the coaching portal.

Yes, a lifestyle coach can use the HIPAA compliant Wellocity app for messaging participants with text and images.

Wellocity is a Zoom technology partner, our apps and coach portals have Zoom video conferencing technology built-in allowing us to offer HIPAA compliant telehealth. An NDPP lifestyle coach can launch group video classes from the Wellocity coaching portal and the cohort participants can join from their Wellocity app.  We don't require any additional apps or software to be downloaded.

Yes, you can offer group classes using video and we will handle the coordination, scheduling and both email and SMS reminders for participants.