Wellocity Health enables customers to brand, deliver, scale, and adapt digital therapeutics programs to the needs of their patients and employers.

Wellocity Health enables customers to brand, deliver, scale, and adapt digital therapeutics programs to the needs of their patients and employers.

Why Wellocity Health?

Wellocity Health offers a HIPAA compliant technology platform for CDC recognized organizations offering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and improves access and outcomes. Any organization currently delivering an NDPP in-person can join the Wellocity Health platform to offer NDPP in online and distance learning modalities in English and Spanish.

We provide a comprehensive solution with a compelling ROI to NDPP organizations and guide them at each step from providing the technology platform and training to representing them on calls with the CDC as their platform partner and listing an online program on the CDC registry.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

As required by HIPAA, Wellocity signs a BAA that covers all the elements required for delivering an NDPP Cohort including:

  • Participant Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Portal Lifestyle Coach Portal
  • Telehealth (used for the distance learning modality)
  • Secure Messaging
  • Onboarding
  • Pre-diabetes quiz, readiness assessments and intake forms

Why Deliver NDPP in Online and Distance Learning Modes?

The demand for online and distance learning delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) is rapidly increasing in popularity in large part due to consumers' access to numerous health apps and their daily use of messaging and facetime with friends and family. Consumers have come to expect flexibility to schedule classes, attend classes from the comfort of their home using secure video, easy access to the coach using secure messaging, engage with the group for support, and the ability to track their health with apps and share data with the coach.

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English and Spanish Cohorts

The Wellocity platform supports the entire participant journey for NDPP cohorts in English and Spanish including:

  • Program Landing page
  • Cohort Sign up pages
  • PreventT2 curriculum
  • Secure Messaging
  • Private Community
  • Emails and Reminders
  • Program Content
  • Step Challenges

Designed for Engagement

We designed our platform to help you make the best use of your lifestyle coaches and provide participants more opportunities to access your program. Telehealth group classes and monthly follow-up sessions enable participants and lifestyle coach to meet online and when it’s most convenient for both, on a mobile device using our free app. Our platform goes beyond just telehealth and includes features that improve patient engagement and compliance and lower participant dropout rates.

Simple and Intuitive Participant Experience

The Wellocity participant apps and portal are designed for the target demographic for NDPP,  are easy to use, and keep the participant engaged in the core elements of NDPP.  We provide a simple and intuitive user experience for the participants with a single app that helps participants focus on the program rather than jugging multiple apps with disparate user interfaces.

Easy to Adapt for Lifestyle Coaches

The Wellocity NDPP platform was built to enhance and scale the success of in-person delivery programs offered by experienced lifestyle coaches and draws from their best practices. We designed our telehealth platform to provide a simple and intuitive experience for the participants and lifestyle coaches to easily adapt to online delivery and group video classes while still following their proven playbook for in-person delivery.

Share Content and Monitor Health Data

The Wellocity platform allows lifestyle coaches to share online resources and our apps include all PreventT2 participant handouts for convenient access on their mobile devices. Our apps enable participants to easily gather and share data from mHealth devices like smart Bluetooth and Wi-Fi weight scales, smartwatches, and fitness bands – and enable lifestyle coaches to personalize health and fitness goals. We provide private messaging and a community for support and in-app messaging to help in the coach’s efforts in reinforcing habits.

Platform Benefits

HIPAA Compliant

Wellocity Health offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliant platform and a BAA that covers mHealth apps, coach portals, messaging, telehealth and intake forms. NDPP participants don't have to download any additional apps.

Online Delivery

We offer free HIPAA Compliant digital health apps for your participants to track weight, activity, and nutrition. Participants use the app to share their health data with the coach in real-time including weight, activity and food journals.

Telehealth Group Classes

Our apps support HIPAA compliant group video classes. Zoom video conferencing technology is embedded in both the lifestyle portal and the apps hence there are no additional apps to be downloaded to join the class.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging in the  Wellocity Health App offers unlimited messaging and is available 24/7 to both coaches and clients to connect and exchange text and photos using their phone's camera and photo library.

Peer Community for Support

The Wellocity app offers an anonymous in-app private community (Facebook like and with photos) for each cohort and its lifestyle coaches. Participants can create posts and comment on posts to interact with their peers and support each other.

mHealth Devices

Participants track and share data from mHealth devices including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi weight scales, smartwatches, and fitness bands – connect with Apple Health and Google Fit and Fitbit and Withings devices.

Data-driven programs

We deliver participant data in real-time to your lifestyle coach in the coach portal providing access to weight, activity minutes and food journals. Data-driven coaching enables the lifestyle coach to personalize the health targets for participants.

Available in English and Spanish

Our apps offer convenient on the go access to the PreventT2 curriculum in English and Spanish and to sustain engagement in the program we offer features including messaging with the coach, a community for support and motivational messages.

Online Forms and Assessments

Participants can complete a pre-diabetes quiz, readiness assessments and intake forms online from their computer or mobile phone. The responses to these documents are securely delivered to the lifestyle coach in the coach portal.


Yes, the Wellocity Health platform can be used by any organization recognized by the CDC to deliver an NDPP cohort in English or Spanish using the Online and Distance learning delivery modalities.

Wellocity is a Zoom technology partner, our iOS and Android apps and coaching portals have Zoom video conferencing technology built-in allowing us to offer HIPAA compliant telehealth. An NDPP lifestyle coach can launch group video classes from the Wellocity coaching portal and the cohort participants can join from their Wellocity app.  We don't require any additional apps or software to be downloaded.

Yes, Wellocity Health NDPP customers can read, agree to, sign, and sign Wellocity's HIPAA Business Associate Agreement from the profile page on their Wellocity program portal.

As required by HIPAA, Wellocity has explicit Business Associate Agreements in place with all its vendors that could come into contact with your ePHI and the Wellocity BAA required elements of the NDPP program including:

  • Participant Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Lifestyle Coach Portals
  • Pre-diabetes quiz, readiness assessments and intake forms
  • Telehealth (used for the distance learning modality)

Please check our Help Center for NDPP to find out how Wellocity can help you transition from in-person to online and distance learning delivery.

No, The Wellocity iOS and Android apps have built-in Zoom functionality and enable HIPAA complaint sessions with our custom user-interface for group video classes.

Yes, you can offer group classes using video and we will handle the coordination, scheduling and both email and SMS reminders for participants.

Yes, a lifestyle coach can use the HIPAA compliant Wellocity iOS and Android apps for messaging participants with text and images.

Yes, participants can complete a HIPAA compliant pre-diabetes quiz or readiness assessment online, responses from participants are accessible in the coaching portal.

Yes, participants can use a desktop a popular browser to join the Zoom group video sessions used for delivering distance learning.

No, the Wellocity platform pricing for distance learning sessions includes Zoom sessions and you won't be billed by Wellocity for these sessions.

Wellocity Health as your DPP technology platform partner can't directly help you with the application process. However, as you pursue a DPRP application for online delivery modality, we will help you answer the platform-specific questions on the application. For more details visit our Help Center for NDPP.

To ensure HIPAA compliance, only an officer of the NDPP organization with legal right to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement should sign the BAA.

Yes, once the BAA is executed, the NDPP organization can use the program portal to invite all it's lifestyle coaches and program administration staff that are covered by the BAA to join the Wellocity platform.