On-the-Go Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging from Wellocity Health offers unlimited messaging and is available 24/7 to both coaches and participants on their phone with the Wellocity App. Secure Messaging is the key tool for lifestyle coaches to interact with participants in a National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) cohort delivered on the Wellocity Health platform. Secure messaging makes it easier than ever for coaches to connect with participants and enable them to exchange text and photos using the phone's camera and photo library. 

What Makes it Secure?

Wellocity understands that participants may share PHI with the coach in messages. Secure Messaging is HIPAA compliant and all text and any images attached to messages are encrypted while stored.

Is There a Fee For Secure Messaging?

No, secure messaging is available to all coaches who offer programs on our platform and the participants can use messaging 24/7 with the free Wellocity App.

Messaging secure


All text and any images attached to messages are encrypted while stored.

messaging add photos


Attach photos to messages from your phone camera or your photo library. 

Messaging Free App

Free App

Free iOS and Android apps with messaging for the coach and participant.

Let's Start a Conversation

noun_Active Chat Icon_1299419 (1)
Nicole Miller 110x110

Coach: Kiara Norton

"Hi Hailey, Let's go through your grocery shopping list and find foods low in fat."

noun_Active Chat Icon_1299419
Hailey Nelson 110x100

Participant: Hailey Reid

"Hello Kiara:  I have 7 days worth of meal planning for next week. On my list"

Support Participants Anywhere and Anytime

A coach on the Wellocity platform can use secure messaging to engage participants and provide on-demand support, share information, and answer any questions they may have.

Messaging timeline

Watch a Video on Secure Messaging

In this video, you will see the above conversation between coach Kiara and participant Hailey unfold on the Wellocity App.


Messaging Etiquette

While there are no rules for messaging etiquette we advise coaches to use the following guidelines:

  • Set expectations for participants on your response time, maintain a healthy work-life balance as messaging enables you to offer 24/7 support to participants.
  • Be clear on the topics that can be discussed in messages. For the participants' safety, the Wellocity app prominently displays the message "If this is an emergency dial 911" on the messaging page.  
  • Immediately report any inappropriate messages and images from a participant  to support@wellocitywellness.com

To learn more about the Wellocity Health on-the-go secure messaging.


Wellocity provides a messaging app for secure messaging to coaches. The coach logs into the app and can see notifications for new messages from each participant and can start a chat with any participant.

As a coach delivery NDPP in online mode, you can interact with a participant to motivate, engage, and support the participant. Unlike video and audio sessions that need to be scheduled, messaging can be initiated at any time by you or the participant.

The Participants page in the Wellocity app lists all the participants in the cohort with their name and photo. Once you select a participant your messages with the participant are displayed as a conversation. If a participant sent you a new message you will see a notification next to their name and this prompts you to reply.

Yes, but the lifestyle coach should encourage participants to add photos of their meals to their food log which can be viewed by the coach in the food journal on the coach portal.

Yes, Wellocity offers secure messaging on its free iOS and Android apps.