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State-of-the-art digital health platform developed just for coaching
Cost-effective online brand, scheduling, payment and support

Wellocity is a health coaching platform to launch and grow your business by engaging your clients in a trusted digital health environment with an affordable, scalable, and highly secure cloud-based solution that is intuitive to use and offers value to both the coach and client.

Starting a health coaching business?

If you are motivated by a passion to help people change their lives for the better, you are now probably busy creating a vision for your business, setting the goals for the business and defining why are you are starting the business. It’s easy for a coach to be detracted by the realities of being a business owner and hence we built our platform to provide you with the tools and resources to build the best online coaching business.

Coaching has gone digital

Coaching today is online and quickly moving to telehealth and clients are used to numerous consumer apps and expect the flexibility to conduct all their business on the go. The ability to schedule, reschedule, cancel and pay for appointments online from a phone or computer is something clients have come to expect. Secure video chat with a coach is also a common requirement for clients who use facetime each day. The most frustrating of all client complaints is the inability to share data from their health apps with their coach.

Create a compelling online presence

This may seem simple given all the websites you see but the cost of building a brand online including a website, blog, email and social media. We recognize that for most coaches it's not practical or affordable to buy a domain, hosting, create a website, set up a blog and a business email.

We provide each qualifying coach on our platform an online presence with:

  • A fast and secure website
  • A blog
  • Appointment scheduling
  • A profile
  • Instagram feed
  • A contact form
  • A business email
  • A recipe feed

Use social media to grow your business

Most coaches are on multiple social media platforms and see these as an important part of establishing their brand and connecting with new clients. We make sure that the efforts by coaches on social media are rewarded by providing the following.

  • Ability to schedule appointments for a Facebook page
  • Ability to schedule appointments for an Instagram page
  • List all social media links on the website
  • List all social media links on coach profile

Use client testimonials to increase conversions

Coaches can display testimonials in a slider on the coach profile

Share your recipe feed to engage clients

Coaches can create engaging recipes and publish them on their recipe feed, the recipes include a nutritional label


Improve conversions with a fast website

A fast website speed will result in better user experience, a user is typically staying on a site longer if the site speed is faster and they also convert better and reduce the bounce rate.

Engage Clients with our app

The HIPAA compliant Free Wellocity Health app enables you to easily engage your clients. Here are some of the benefits the app provides to your clients:

  • Join telehealth sessions with your coach
  • Message your coach
  • Easily book appointments
  • Track your health
  • Create a food log
  • View recipes from coach

How does all this help me?

Our 30-day trial with no upfront cost and a monthly fee of $15 enable coaches to start a business and focus on their clients while we handle the website with built-in appointment scheduling, blogs, recipe feeds, Instagram or social media page and business email. Our marketplace lists all the coach profiles and enables them to create online scheduling and offer telehealth coaching.


Privacy and Security

Wellocity Health is HIPAA compliant and we offer apps, portals, messaging, telehealth, scheduling and calendar sync that are all HIPAA compliant.