4 Steps to Launch your NDPP Cohort

Share your current workflow for NDPP delivery, tell us how you want to scale and enhance your success and we’ll deliver!



We'll learn about your current NDPP delivery workflow, staffing, planned cohorts and language support, answer questions on the platform features and DPRP applications for new delivery modes.



We’ll tailor your participant journey, content, and cohort schedule by working with your team to create a branded program, custom workflow, report templates, operating procedures, billing and collateral.



We'll customize and brand iOS and Android apps, and portal for participants, train your team on the lifestyle coach portal, create branded landing and signup pages, then gather feedback and revise for the first cohort launch and for continuous improvement.



Participants’ needs are first and foremost to us. We continually monitor and provide reports to you on participant satisfaction while continually improving our help center content to meet the needs of your participants.