Upskill your Proven Workforce!

Increase Reach and Improve Access

Upskill your Proven Workforce!

Increase Reach and Improve Access

Digital Transformation Is an Opportunity for you and your Staff

The pandemic forced healthcare organizations to use video conferencing to continue diabetes prevention and management programs by switching to virtual delivery. Most healthcare organizations have realized firsthand the benefits of telehealth to increase reach and improve access while also addressing the social determinants of health, such as access to transportation and childcare.

You Now Have a Platform for Virtual Delivery

Wellocity Health provides a turnkey platform for virtual delivery and offers free online training for your skilled staff and helps them become more valuable employees. In addition, virtual delivery of quality programs that leverage the relationships your staff has built over time with the patients leads to better financial and clinical outcomes for your organization.

What Does the Training Include

The online training teaches lifestyle coaches how to manage a program and engage participants on the Wellocity platform with a mock cohort for the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program.


Lifestyle Coach Training

  • View cohorts engagement
  • View participants list
  • Track participants' engagement
  • View participants' weight and exercise logs
  • View participants' food journals
  • View documents and Forms submitted
  • Send notes to participants
  • Schedule sessions
  • Start telehealth sessions
  • View attendance
  • View reports for the CDC

Engage participants from Anywhere Anytime

  • Engage participants with our app for coaches
  • Provide support and motivation
  • Keep participants engaged between classes
  • Exchange messages with participants and share photos
  • Post in the community
  • Comment and Like posts by participants in the community