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Learn more about our solutions


App Reviews

jay Wiener

Jay Wiener

weightzonefactor.com and founder of Virtual Wellness

“Our members tend to have a strong interest in improving their health thus we are offering a program with Wellocity as it helps us promote health and wellness to our readers. Wellocity’s comprehensive platform allows http://www.weightzonefactor.com members to achieve much higher engagement and promote sustainable lifestyle changes”

jennifer dingum

Jennifer Dignum

Associate Director, Communications, LiveHive, Inc.

"The Wellocity app gave us a great way to bond as a team – and improve our physical fitness at the same time. With immediate insight into the performance of other participants, the Wellocity app encouraged our competitive spirit. Wellocity automatically synchronizes with numerous fitness measurement devices and apps, which made it easy for everyone on the team to be part of the challenge."

  • A great mobile app without the ads ★★★★★
    I downloaded this app on a whim to help me with making lifestyle changes. I can log my food, water, and sleep. The app can also sync my motion and fitness from my iPhone. I really like using this app as it gives me tips and guidance to help me on my health journey. This app has no ads doesn't try to upsell me like MFP.
    By Huongle121212 for Version 5.2
  • Extremely Helpful Health App ★★★★★
    I am a patient with chronic illnesses. This app is what I use on the daily to manage every aspect of my illnesses. Just to name some of my favorite features... the medication tracker reminds me when I need to take my medicines and makes it so easy to refill my prescriptions to Walgreens. I also frequently use the food and water tracker to keep up with my diet. I definitely recommend this app even if you don’t have a chronic to maintain your health lifestyle.
    By SammyWammyPoo for Version 5.2
  • Super reliable! ★★★★★
    Love being able to have the option to keep track of what I eat and be in constant contact with my coach! Especially how convenient it is to link my Fitbit to my weighing scale and be able to check in on my progress on a daily basis.
    By britcb for Version 5.2
  • Great app! ★★★★★
    Such a great app! Very informative and applicable- can hook up to your Fitbit to get your steps, track nutrition, and other healthy behaviors all in one app! As well as a community section and newsfeed! Lots of great information on here!
    By Liv6! for Version 5.2
  • So helpful! ★★★★★
    This is a helpful app. See/track your weight, track your daily steps, body fat, cholesterol, nutrition and more. Connect to your electronic devices like Apple Health, Fitbit and Nokia, they'll work hand in hand. I use it to keep track of my daily movements. The nutrition piece works wonders. I can speak my food instead of typing it in. Everything is color coded so you know if you are reached or fallen below your goals. All I have to do is set goal on each tiles and it calculates daily calories etc... You can add photos, notes and find people in their community for support. It’s a great app and tells you everything you'd need to know and then some.
    By Kinestheticgoals for Version 4.4
  • Life Changing App ★★★★★
    I started using this app two months ago when I decided to make some lifestyle changes to improve my heath. I entered my weight, nutrition and connect my Apple watch to track my steps. I began walking and eating better. I use this app daily and it has gentle reminders to keep me on track. The tracking of multiple categories make the app really helpful in setting long-term objectives and goals and staying motivated on a daily basis. Best health app ever, period!
    By JMT97756 for Version 4.4
  • Good app ★★★★
    This is a good app, it helps me manage my blood glucose and it syncs to Applehealth so I don't have to buy a new glucometer. I can record my meals and water intake and it reminds me to take my pills. I take 4 different kinds of medication a day and it's tough to find an app that can do everything. It also records my side-effects so I can remember which meds make me feel sick. I used to have several apps downloaded on my iPhone to help me manage my health, now it's just one app. It also has activity, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, sleep and mood. It also gives me recommendations to take better care of my health and curates news pertaining to my health. It also has a community where I can talk to other people that have the same condition as myself. It has great potential as the community grows.
    By CharlesBui for Version 4.2
  • HealthKit support yay! ★★★★
    I was using a Fitbit with this app but I got a apple watch for mother's day and the app support apple watch and all my data syncs well and shows on my dials and reports. I find the app's community and help sections very helpful with questions on devices.
    By 8rigitte for Version 3.8.3
  • Wellocity ★★★★
    Downloaded the Wellocity app and really didn't know what to expect. I took the time to go through the app and learn how to use it properly. It is a very easy app to help use with all the tools and benefits of the App are put to use properly. I have a high blood pressure and take 4 medications a day. This app reminds me of when to take my medication, record my bp levels and I can connect with other members who have the same condition as myself. It is very easy for my to order my refills since I use Walgreens as my pharmacy. The app also has Challenges and a Lifestyle to help me achieve my health goal to be healthy in 2017. They also have Recommendations to help me be better and stay on track as well as weekly insights to see how I'm progressing and I can share my report with my doctor. Well... I'm grateful to have all of my health data in the palm of my hands instead of trying to remember to write them down. Download this app and experience it yourself. Some of you may not need all of their tools but there is something for everyone.
    By Pbjrwang for Version 3.8.0
  • Good app ★★★★
    My friend referred me this app to download to help me manage my blood pressure. It has a lot of features like pill reminder, sync my blood pressure cuff, recipes and other features I want to try.
    By Classylady94612 for Version 3.7.7