We help you prevent and manage chronic conditions
with solutions that fit your lifestyle and keep pace with technology

Prevent and manage
chronic conditions

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Prevent and manage chronic conditions with our engaging app



Take your coaching online to improve care and increase revenue



Improve employee health and enjoy ROI with disease management



Improve performance outcomes with higher member engagement



Engage patients to improve adherence to care plans

Learn more about our solutions

Learn more about our solutions


jay Wiener

Jay Wiener

weightzonefactor.com and founder of Virtual Wellness

“Our members tend to have a strong interest in improving their health thus we are offering a program with Wellocity as it helps us promote health and wellness to our readers. Wellocity’s comprehensive platform allows http://www.weightzonefactor.com members to achieve much higher engagement and promote sustainable lifestyle changes”

jennifer dingum

Jennifer Dignum

Associate Director, Communications, LiveHive, Inc.

"The Wellocity app gave us a great way to bond as a team – and improve our physical fitness at the same time. With immediate insight into the performance of other participants, the Wellocity app encouraged our competitive spirit. Wellocity automatically synchronizes with numerous fitness measurement devices and apps, which made it easy for everyone on the team to be part of the challenge."